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helps your

students WANT to learn!

Easily add proven engagement and motivation tools to your Canvas courses!

Which class would YOU rather take?

Canvas + Delphinium!

Delphinium Gets Results!

What is Delphinium?

Delphinium is YOUR course + more!

Delphinium is sometimes called a "skin" or an "overlay" for your courses that dramatically increases their engagement and motivating power. It takes all of the work you put into your Canvas course and makes it "more". More engaging, more motivating, more fun, more effective, and more successful!

Delphinium also includes tools for teachers that superpower communication and help identify students who need extra attention.

Delphinium is easy!

In 15 minutes or less, you can QUICKLY and easily apply proven strategies for engagement and motivation to your Canvas course. Use one of our research-based templates, or make your own! You never need to change course design or assignments.

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