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helps your

students WANT to learn!

Easily add proven engagement and motivation tools to your Canvas courses!

Which class would YOU rather take?

Canvas + Delphinium!

Get the Canvas the interface you always wanted!

Lots of options to choose from:

This interface that can be used in a face-to-face or hybrid class. Here the modules are displayed as information rich boxes which help students clearly see where they have been, where they are, and where they are going.

Self-paced Online

This interface is designed for self-paced online classes, students have freedom to choose their own path through the content.


This interface has been designed to support cafeteria-style or competency-based course designs.

Drive Engagement and Direct Attention to Key Activities

In addition to improved content and feedback tools, Delphinium also includes a suite of components that drive engagement and direct student attention to key activities. These include a leaderboard, avatars, prize boxes and other dashboard elements.


Trying to imagine how Delphinium will look in your course?

Delphinium is easy!

In 15 minutes or less, you can QUICKLY and easily apply proven strategies for engagement and motivation to your Canvas courses. Use one of our research-based templates, or make your own! You never need to change course design or assignments.

Delphinium is YOUR course + more!

Delphinium is sometimes called a "skin" or an "overlay" for your courses that dramatically increases their engagement and motivating power. It takes all of the work you put into your Canvas course and makes it "more". More engaging, more motivating, more fun, more effective, and more successful!

Delphinium also includes tools for teachers that superpower communication and help identify students who need extra attention.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1: Free Demo

   Start with a no-pressure call—we'll answer your questions about how Delphinium can help and give you a tour.

2: Free Pilot

   If you like what you hear, we'll work with your Canvas admin team to set up your free 2-month pilot.

3: Engage!

   If you like what you see in the pilot, we'll work with you to onboard more teachers and courses, and your students' performance will improve!

Benefits and features for...

What students say...

“I would spend more time studying for this class than other classes.”


“I felt truly in control of my education.”


“I saw that I was doing much better than I thought I was.”

“I knew what I had to do to reach my goal. I liked knowing that a little extra effort would make a difference.”


What teachers say...

“Delphinium makes my on-line courses much more interactive.”

“Students feel they are getting constant personal attention and feedback.”


“The messaging app and grade visualization tools are big time savers!”


“With Delphinium, students always know how they are progressing through the course.”

Delphinium Gets Results!


What does the research say?

     This data from published and internal studies show Delphinium’s effectiveness in a variety of disciplines:

  • Sociology: 68% fewer failing grades; 154% more A grades

  • Health: 50% fewer failing grades

  • Technology: 47% fewer failing grades, 65% fewer withdrawals and dropouts, and 10% higher grades

  • Technology: Without Delphinium, an adjunct’s failure and dropout rates were 144% and 110% higher, and grades of B- and above where 40% lower when compared to a full-time faculty member; but with Delphinium, their academic outcomes were statistically identical

  • Management: 72% of students reported that Delphinium was "more" or "much more" motivating than a traditional course; Students reported doing more quality work and having more fun!

Delphinium users in all levels of education:


Deep dive into how Delphinium works:

Return on investment


For many schools, legislatures and other stakeholders expect results for their investment. Let's consider a hypothetical example: A large university or school district can have an annual budget of $250M to cover all of the expenses, including buildings, grounds, teachers, administrators, etc. and they might produce 3,700 graduates a year.

With a little math, we can see that each graduate costs ~$67,000!


If we could use Delphinium to improve the graduation rate by just 1%, 37 more students would graduate a year, lowering the costs per graduate by $670 which would result in $2.5M spent more efficiently EVERY year!


If we want to use a more conservative estimate and improve graduation by just .1%, the result is still $250K spent more efficiently every year.


The investment in Delphinium has a clear connection to being a better steward of the resources we manage for our stakeholders, and more important, Delphinium yields a better investment in our students!


 Yearly fees vary by number of full-time equivalent students (FTE) enrolled at your institution:

Ready to join the Delphinium millennium!?!

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